SSD Eventi Multisport Competitive/Elite Soccer Camps 2018

Showcase For 2009/2003/2002 Boys - Scouts from around Italian Serie A - B- Lega Pro- and Serie D
were present at this Technical/Tactical skills Improvement Course Camp (January 2nd-6th-2018)
The Camp is for Field Player and Goalkeeper!


"We come to you"

Last 2 years we attend 2 summer soccer camps in Canada. From these camps were selected several talent participants, and were then invited to participate in Italy Camp.
These Camps in Canada will be conducted by official coaches from various Professional Academies in Italy who will come specifically to Canada to transmit their experience to Canadian players.
All Participants in the this Camp who distinguish themselves through fair play, behavior, passion as well as technical/tactical ability will get the opportunity to be selected and invited to participate in a camp held in Italy.
(Exact Location and date to To Be Confirmed).
This year (January 2018) the camp was held in Sora (Frosinone. Italy) Claudio Tomei Stadium.
In that camp were present professional coaches from Various Professional Academies just to mention few, ACMilan, Atalanta, Frosinone, Inter, Sampdoria ect… this specific camp participants were from Canada, Australia, Malta, and Italy. Out of this camp several Participants from different Country and age group were select to participate in the ADRIATICO CUP held in May 2018, at the tournament expenses.


January 2, 2018 Italy.
Reserved for Boys born from 2002 to 2007 Training sessions directed by highly qualified technicians aimed at improving:
Evaluation and Placement, First Touch, Receiving Balls, Turning, Collecting Air Balls, 1 v 1-2 v 2 and so on Fakes and Feints, Dribbling away from pressure, Dribbling for Speed, Long Range Power Shooting, Bending Balls, Shielding, Heading for Goal, Chipping and Lobbing, Placement Shooting, Goal Scoring, Near & Far Post Runs, Small Group & Combination Play, Exploiting Numbers up, Possession Play, Individual Defending, Team Defending, Group Defending, 6 vs 6 Games end each session, Daily 11 vs 11 Evening Game Competition. Guests of professional youth sector on hand. Professionals who will show their point of view on the current one youth football situation in Italy.
Our Professional Soccer coaches works with young athletes to improve their technical and tactical skills in a fun and dynamic environment.
Each Soccer Camps program is developed to give each and every athlete training in an elite atmosphere.
This allows them to assimilate the technical concepts of Italian soccer that are highly valued throughout the World.
The Camp is for Field Player and Goalkeeper!

Italian Soccer Coach/Scout from Canada Mr. Mario D’Oria with the Australian soccer Boys.

What do you get with our Soccer Camps?

In our soccer camps not only you will get the opportunity to be seen by the best scouts from our top leagues in Italy but most of all you will leave with a unique experience and memories that will last a lifetime!


A fun and healthy team environment concept!

Each and every athlete will train in an elite atmosphere. This allows them to assimilate the technical concepts of Italian soccer that are highly valued throughout the World.

Continuing progressive technical work

Our camp consists of two separate sessions: morning first hour and half for younger age groups and 2nd hour and half for older age group. Afternoon/evening same scenario repeats. Each session is a mix of fun, strength training, technical training, and recovery helping players develop important training habits.

Always high work volume

All training sessions and activities will be carried out by certified coaches from the best professional soccer clubs around Lazio area. All Five Days 3 hour sessions per day including game. Saturday half day, will keep players engaged and developing consistency in their play.

Canada Contacts: Italian Soccer Scout Mario D'Oria. | E-mail: Mario D. | C: +1519-520-5073

Italy Contact: Fifa Agent Luigi De Simone | E-mail: Luigi D | C: +39 347-68254492

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