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Step 3- The Pro-Step!

So You made to Step 3?

"So What's Now?"

Official Italy Pro-Club Tryouts (OIPCT) - Gives our selected players the opportunity to continue following their dream! Our football programs are in line with the highest standards and are designed to prepare players for the demands of professional football.



Upon completing step 2 of our program agent Mr. Luigi De Simone professional FIFA agent in consultations with all the coaches and technical directors of the academy will be advised if any of the 3 months residency players have successfully improved their technical and tactical skill levels that’s required to showcase them to professional clubs.

Players between the ages of U18 and 18 + up to 25Yrs of Age. have this possibility to being shown to pro clubs for future possibilities to continue following their dream of becoming a professional soccer/football player.
These Clubs to showcase players are selected by Mr. Luigi De Simone.
Note: The situation of this concept of becoming a pro player may vary for each and every player that is giving this showcase opportunity. Mr Luigi De Simone will advise and explain you all details entitle you which way to go to continue following your dream if you have successfully achieved to be promoted to the next level.

It’s a common thought to chase our dreams. Do we ever stop to think what happens when we get there? When the dream no longer remains a dream, but becomes reality.

Ask yourself this question? Does your club promote you of your talent?
If you answered NO then it’s time to contact us to showcase your soccer-football talent.