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3 Months Academy Residency Evaluation Process!

Are you ready to play, train and compete at the highest soccer level?

What Our Academy Residency Program has to offer!
For Boys/Girls U18 Only

You have been selected from the one week evaluation process to move on to our 3 months Academy residency program.
Congratulations and best of luck

Official Italy Pro-Club Tryouts (OIPCT) - Those selected players from our one week evaluation process will be asked to participate in our 3 months academy life.
Our academy provides players the opportunity to train in a professional environment with professional licenced –football-soccer coaches.
Our full-time private football academy is a great pathway to professional football.
We provide you with the opportunities, but we also prepare you for the challenge, which increases your chances of succeeding on your quest.

Our Academy residency program provides you with full service of Room and Board, food, cleaning, laundry service, and transportation to and from, WiFi service, including TV.
Also provides 4 training sessions a week, top facilities and professionals licenced football coaches with a full kit provides to train every day.
Once the players succeed to pass our 3 months evaluation process those selected players will be ready to move on to the next step.
Those selected players will be given the opportunity to showcase with a pro-club(s).
The process is somewhat complex but not impossible.
The Academy collaborates with several elite and professional clubs which allows us to find the most suitable club to each one of our academy players.
Scouts from each one of those clubs visit our Soccer Academy matches and training sessions on a regular basis.
We assist the scouts by providing all the technical information requested and clubs know that our academy selected players will be ready to the demands of professional football.
Nonetheless, bare in mind that our main goal is to find an organization with the ability of providing you with the chance of showcasing your skills at the highest level.
Beside Football - the residency academy program represents, like the colleges, a great opportunity to acquire a cosmopolitan spirit: to live and to learn so many cultures, many languages, habits, customs but above all it represents a school of life, where everyone learns to be on their own, despite all the comforts and services made available.
Our FIFA Professional Agent Mr. Luigi De Simone main task is to advertise you to their ‘network’ of professional football clubs, scouts, and coaches. Mr. Luigi De Simone is very knowledgeable about world football he will be able to provide you with career advice as well.

Ask yourself this question? Does your club promote you of your talent?
If you answered NO then it’s time to contact us to showcase your soccer-football talent.

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The Program



Our program inspire excellence in soccer and the love for the game.



Our Program teaches our players to treat each other with respect and work and act as a team.


Our Commitment!

Our Program continuosly strive and are committed to excellence in whatever we do.



Our program is a “no excuse” program. Responsibility is the way we show work ethic, commitment, and respect.


pic My experience has been great I’m having fun here It’s a nice atmosphere. My soccer training is very good and intense we train 4 times a week and I’m learning a lot of new things.
The academy/resindency services are amazing we get fead breakfast lunch and dinner everyday and our Clothes and rooms are cleaned Dailey. Yes I would recommend this soccer academy experience to those who showcase through the tryouts program because it’s awesome to come and adapt to a complete different lifestyle then your use to!


pic My experience so far in Italy has been very good! And living in the academy/residency has been good as well lots of great people and great players. My soccer training experience has been good as well the coaches are very good with us even though we sometimes don’t know what they are saying so they show us which is very helpful. I am adapting very well the the Italian soccer culture I’ve started to pick up lots of soccer words that we need to learn in the field and I’m also adapting well with how they play the game here. The services in the academy are good, food, cleaning is just great. Yes I would recommend this academy/residency experience for those who do the tryout program I think it is a great opportunity to show your skills and learn a different way to play the game we love to play!



pic The soccer training focuses on both technical and tactical aspects of the game which at times we are not included in some of tactical sessions.
For me training could be more intense, although it is still enjoyable and allows you to focus on key aspects of your game and fine tune the basic fundamental abilities of soccer.
I adapted to the Italian lifestyle quite quickly and find myself in a comfortable environment. Adapting to the Italian soccer style is more difficult as it consists of altering the playing style that we have been taught for the majority of our life and focuses on different abilities than in Canada.
The academy services are great. The food is healthy and of good quality, and our room is constantly cleaned and maintained.
In my opinion I would recommend this program for younger athletes who are truly looking to pursue soccer at an elite level.