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Do you want the chance to develop your football ability and showcase yourself to pro club scouts/agents? If YES, then our week long football trial combine/showcase is perfect for you! .

Direct Combine/Showcase Official Trial in Italy.
NO MIDDLE AGENCY, CLUBS OR ORGANIZATIONS ARE INVOLVED. You're directed invited to Italy to showcase your soccer talent!

COMPETE AGAINST THE BEST! Open to both Boys and Girls, U18 and 18+
Our Attending players will be selectively chosen to ensure the highest quality level of soccer.
Our mission is to promote determined, skillful, and intelligent players to the Pro- level.

This Combine/Showcase trial bypasses all others combined across the north America continent and elsewhere, where you normally attend and then get invited to pro-clubs across Europe spending tons of money through the process of attending these combines. This is not the case with this combine/showcase there will be only one cost and you are directly going to showcase in front of professional scouts and agents from Italy and other European countries.

Open to Players between the ages of U18 and 18 + We have organized the ultimate football combine/showcase which includes our professionals UEFA licenced football coaches to lead our combine/trials. Our combine/trial football / Soccer Showcase will allow you to show your skills in an elite football environment
You may have attended Combine showcase football camps or football trials and training sessions before but we are confident you will not have experienced a new Italian soccer experience like none others.

At our soccer combine/showcase, we use Professional football coaches to give you the very best football training experience. Each day you will get hours of professional coaching, mixed with match situations, learning tactical skills and developing the key areas of your game to help you get scouted.
This ultimate combine/showcase is to develop you as a player, help you understand how to train like a pro on the pitch... BUT - we go into developing you MUCH more!

Our objective is to give you incredible unique insights into the mind set of professional football players and help you to build unshakeable confidence for you both on and off the pitch.
On our football professional coaches at this combine/showcase trial, will also show you the BEST way to train your body, making sure you know how to develop amazing speed, agility, power and fitness.
Learn from experts about what core strength is and the best ways to improve it. Rest assure that our professional coaches of the combine/showcase/trial, you really will learn all the secrets to give your game the edge and take it to the next level.
Our combine/showcase trials will be attended by scouts/agents for various professional soccer clubs from Italy as well our neighbouring countries all week long.
Our mission is to promote determined, skilful, and intelligent players to the Pro- level.

It’s a common thought to chase our dreams. Do we ever stop to think what happens when we get there? When the dream no longer remains a dream, but becomes reality.

Ask yourself this question? Does your club promote you of your talent?
If you answered NO then it’s time to contact us to showcase your soccer-football talent.

If you have any questions about our combine/showcase trial and details about cost please do call us at +1519-520-5073 or email us on


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Italy Pro-Combine Showcase

You May Ask How much will all this cost? The cost for this official Italy combined tryouts and possibly get scouted and selected by Pro-Clubs is:
Your flight + €1250 Euros
What’s included into the cost?
1/ Full transportation to and from Airport, hotel, training centre.
2/ Full Hotel and food accommodation.
3/ Training Professional UEFA Licensed Coaches.
4/ Training facilities and equipment.
5/ Full Training kit, cleaned daily and for you to keep.